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A platform to support doctors

HealthDirectly is a technology platform that makes it easy for employers to add Direct Primary Care to their employee benefits plan

employee education and enrollment

onboarding and eligibility

reduction in administrative friction

"HealthDirectly has been great to work with"

Oren Gersten, MD - Portland Direct Primary Care

We partner with existing Direct Primary Care practices

Financial and clinical freedom

Large employers find it challenging to offer DPC to their employees because of compliance, internal processes, and misaligned incentives. HealthDirectly solves these problems to make DPC more accessible to the 70% of people in employer funded health plans.

We charge employers a flat fee and work with doctors so they can retain independence while growing their panel.

"As a large employer with many branch locations HealthDirectly helped us scale and implement Direct Primary Care to our employees."

Richelle Wallace, Norway Savings Bank - Senior Resources Officer

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