A Better Model For Primary Care

Dramatically improve health outcomes, reduce risk, and lower costs

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A doctor on your terms

HealthDirectly is a membership based primary care model that provides employees with direct access to a personal physician.

virtual access to doctors 24/7

in-office same day appointments

90+ Net Promoter Score

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"HealthDirectly’s services enabled me to scale and efficiently incorporate value based primary care into my business. It's been a huge success!"

Ben Fromme - Bukaty Companies

We partner with the 1,000+ Direct Primary Care doctors nationally

Better healthcare costs less

We've shown that a value-based model that aligns incentives will reduce costs and provide better outcomes.


per member per year

direct savings on visits, labs, Rx


per member per year

reduction in out of pocket costs


per member per year

more in-person and virtual visits

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"Direct Primary Care helps us deliver better access to care at a lower cost. Without HealthDirectly we wouldn't be able to implement this model effectively and at scale"

Joel Allumbaugh - CEO, Allumbaugh Agency

Take control of your healthcare supply chain

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