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41%   savings

HealthDirectly provides employees with direct access to a personal physician while reducing healthcare costs by as much as 41%

Let us backtest your claims data

We can show you how much money you'll save based on your existing claims

You already know you're overpaying for healthcare... so how do you fix it?

Data + Access to care = SAVINGS

3 billion

Claims analyzed. We know what healthcare costs.


In network procedure prices can vary by 10x or more. Empowering HealthDirectly primary care physicians with this data allows them to make smart decisions on referrals to better manage your business's healthcare costs.


HealthDirectly provides your employees with a dedicated personal physician they can access anytime anywhere. No more waiting.

  • Same day appointments

  • Call/text/email their doctor anytime

  • No out of pocket costs

  • 45min appointments vs 8min national average

Did we mention HealthDirectly works with your insurance? No changes needed.

Take control of your healthcare supply chain

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